Thursday, October 29, 2009

summer loving

summer of two thousand and nine, i interned with the bishop museum of honolulu and did many many archival drawings of their artifacts. like these adzes (ancient axlike tool used for creation / destruction)
i also drew out a map of the austronesian expansion so little hawaiian children could learn about their ancestral voyage~ time compressing 9,000 years of unparalleled navigation techniques and survival skills into a simple game of candyland. i don't know if i am even allowed to post this up. if you don't hear from me, i've probably been silenced by the government for sharing vital information with you.

past blast!

back in the day... so simple, but i enjoy it.
these are from 2004.2? high school high!

garsh i hearts them pen and inks!

dot sot dot fot dot dots