Monday, December 27, 2010

TITLE: (work in progress) "Axe Complex" - Introducing Characters


PICTURE 1&2 - MR. TRUMPETTI - The inventor and creator of Mechanical objects. Dwells in the Inferno.
PICTURE 3 - CARROT - One of the three human friends who live on the hilltop of Purgatorio. He is soft spoken, but intuitive.
PICTURE 4 - GREEN BARRY - A lanky fellow, one of the three human friends who live on the hilltop of Purgatorio. Youthful, energetic.
PICTURE 5 - SCOUT & AUTO (L & R) - Scout is the main character, she is further along in dressing, don't worry. The lucky machine who is blessed with a human essence. Auto is a outgoing leader type, one of the three human friends who live on the hilltop of Purgatorio.
NAMES: will be updated soon, after script is written. These are the 5 out of 6 characters that will be starring in my stop motion short film I am making for my senior thesis. Bluegreen Hill will be an epic story... you just wait for that story.... cause it's a coming... soon. Don't test me.

Copyright 2010 George Peaslee

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eldridge. You snappy little tweaker.

OK OK. I SEE THE TIN FOIL. Temporary! Temporary! I'll see you in another life brutha. He will be resting on a mound of sand. I'm going back to Hawaii for this exact reason. To get some sand in my pants brah.

Headbutting turtle shells. Leaves you in tears.

I realized after looking at the blog / my portfolio... I haven't attempted a realistic sculpt. So my mind wandered through planet earth and behold, it collided with a turtle. He said draw me. So I did. He said give me a beautiful shell. I said nothing can be as beautiful as yours. He slapped me with his flipper. I've always wanted to feel turtle flippers. I chose 5 photo's stepping into the processes of creating Eldridge.

The Ending is Sculptures and a Bag of Shat

PEPPI! YOU ARE DONE! PHOTOGRAPHED! NOW STAY IN MY STORAGE SHED UNTIL I NEED YOU AGAIN. They told me to grow a pair. I didn't understand the math so I grew two pairs of pairs. And now my masculinity has gone off the charts. STORY: Peppi is a gardener, digging up pumpkin colored munchkins and cutting off their umbilical cord, so that they die. Population control. sculpey, acrylic, plexi glass (glasses), model store foliage.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I feel bad for not posting anything new for over a month. BUT DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. A lot of things have been made.

a 1 week project - shot within a span of 24 hours, composited from 6 different sections, I bring you... a piece of shit that wanted to be a kiss. i hope this was worth the wait.