Thursday, January 7, 2010

a holyday season

my christmas '09 summary - rocky my not-yet-neutered dog, 3 mountains in one photo, bryce and his shirt, matt's macro-laugh, and tomie's crooked glasses. the hawaiian sun packs a pun

no more moderation

flaunt magazine editorial cover / spot sculptures. Remus with a message in a bottle and the apocalypse of LA. tick-tock time is running out.

(above) the final for PLAYFUL PRANKSTER
computers are too quirky.

final for treecan. OOOOHhhh i'm listening to my ipod and it switched to the Avatar soundtrack.
climbing up "iknimaya - the path to heaven"!

it has been some time now.

yeah i'm
uploading all at once, what's up?


November 2009

acrylic on SCULPEY~~

2010 is looking like a never ending margarita of your favorite consistency